About Us

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eGO Vehicles started out many years ago with the first eGO electric cycle reportedly sold in the spring of 2000. With its stamped, welded and anodized sleek frame, it is one of the longest lived electric scooters in the electric transportation industry that is still in production.  The company has had its ups and downs over the years but the bike itself remains the veteran in the EV space.  The durability is evidenced by the fact that we continually get request for parts from ’03 ‘04 vintage owners. That’s over a decade of service compared to other products that didn’t exist even 5 years ago!  We can’t begin to calculate the thousands of dollars as well as the reduction in pollution our dedicated riders have saved. 

Incremental improvements to the bike over the years have continued to improve upon the tried and true basic model.  Better key switches, the addition of turn signals and electronic horn, larger capacity batteries, a hardwired digital display including pack voltage all have contributed to the eGO Vehicles continued commitment to the usability and value to our riders.  Planned future improvements will continue this trend.

Assembled in the USA, the eGO now finds itself in an ever-growing field of new product offerings. In the space between electric bikes and electric motorcycles, the eGO is unparalleled in its durability, ease of use and ability to carry more cargo than just about any other product on the market today. Our riders range in age from 18 to into the 80’s, some riding sitting with others riding standing, proving the broad appeal, versatility and ease of use.  For these reasons we are dedicated to producing this iconic brand and making it available to those individuals who are looking for that “magic carpet” ride.